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Success Stories

  • Marc

    Grade 11

    3D-Brain has impacted my learning experience greatly. I have learned to overcome anxiety and develop confidence and self-assurance in my ability to learn. Various techniques that are intended to improve memorization, reading skills, vocabulary, clarity of mind, anxiety, and confidence have helped me to overcome obstacles that were once challenging. The development of confidence in myself has made my learning experience rewarding. I have been on the High School Honour Role 3 years in a row and I attribute this to the knowledge and skills I have obtained from 3D-Brain. The staff are very friendly, and create a motivational environment that drives you to strive for success.

    Parents: The staff at 3D-Brain have a passion for education, finding and nurturing one’s potential in a fun and interactive way. Our children were taught techniques to make learning easier. We were really intrigued with NeurOptimal®, it allowed our children to manage distractions in order to learn with a clear mind. 3D-Brain found ways that best suit our children’s individual learning styles with a confidence building approach. The positive enriching atmosphere and individualized genuine interaction with our children was so beneficial that they looked forward to their sessions. The ability to inspire and instill confidence in our children was extraordinary. Our children have grown into confident people who believes that their capabilities are endless. The benefits of 3D-Brain were reflected on their report cards. We wish that we knew about this organization earlier however we are thankful that our children had the opportunity to attend and benefit tremendously. We thank the staff for the priceless work and effort they put forward in every minute of our children’s sessions. The skills and techniques our children have learned during their time at 3D-Brain will serve them in future endeavours.

  • John

    15 year-old, completes high school, attends college and qualifies for National Track meet!

    John was 15 years old when he stated with us, a part time student and a track runner, with aspirations to have a career in business and compete at the National level in short and middle distance running.

    He wanted to calm his anger and develop his cognitive skills in order to continue his schooling and graduate with a high school diploma.
    When John started, he could only use the equipment with assistance. His sessions included balance and motor development, SOI, and NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback.

    With his dedicated hard work every week and steadfast family support, John was able to master a range of motor tasks, improve his auditory listening skills, memory skills, visual tracking and self-expression.

    His self-confidence grew and fed his success in achieving personal performance racing times which qualified him to compete at the National level every year thereafter!

    He learned how to manage his emotions and enhanced his ability to think his way through frustrating situations. John is currently doing business courses at college level and still runs in the Nationals each summer.

    To say we are proud of what John accomplished at our Centre is an understatement. He has tremendous support and continues his life journey with determination, enthusiasm and a belief that he can succeed!

  • Antonio

    Fourth year university student regains control and has a very successful year.

    Antonio came to us during his second term of his last year of university. He explained that he was completely overwhelmed with everything, was not sleeping and anxious about succeeding in his courses. His program included NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, SOI auditory processing and exercises to regain his focus and memory. Antonio also used the IMRS therapy to calm his body from constant exposure to the computer. These programs were used to enhance the resiliency of his brain to handle the demands of his lectures, labs and group work responsibilities.
    Each week, Antonio indicated that he was sleeping much better. Overcoming his sleep deprivation was a major contributor to feeling more confident in his organization of deadlines and his ability to regain a sense of control over the demands of his course work. As his confidence grew and he continued to sleep well, Antonio’s anxiety levels diminished considerably. When Antonio went home on weekends, his family noticed how calm and confident he was.

    Antonio was able to organize his time around course deadlines and preparation for exams. His achievement level improved and he experienced a very successful term. We were happy to coach and assist Antonio through this last year of school and appreciated his dedication to coming each week for his sessions. We all became his away-from-home family and are very proud of his accomplishments!

  • Anne Marie Mingiardi


    I am very pleased with the results of my sessions at 3D-Brain, primarily for NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback. The benefits have been, improved memory and concentration, improved sleep and feeling much less stress. There are many studies conducted on Neurofeedback in the medical literature affirming effectiveness in a variety of brain conditions. I appreciate the non-directive approach of the Zengar system which is utilized at 3D-Brain. My thanks to the highly professional staff for providing the opportunity to access this modality in our community.

  • Angela

    Mid 60’s, improves quality of sleep, reduces her daily anxiety about her job and family.

    Angela used a combination of IMRS therapy and neurofeedback. The IMRS therapy kept Angela’s body grounded and relaxed. She learned to breathe deeply as a way to calm her thoughts and feelings. Neurofeedback training provided opportunity for her brain to become clearer, more resilient, and better able to think rationally through daily situations as they arose. As her brain began to heal, Angela found that her sleep was more regulated and deep. She felt, for the first time in a long time, more rested and ready for the challenges and delights of her day. This was a blessing for her in that she worked in a very emotionally intense counselling role. She wanted to be more present and energetically ready to help those with whom she interacted. She became much more confident in her abilities and relationships.

    Angela found her family relationships less emotionally draining and more positive. She learned to accept the things she could help with and to release others that were beyond her influence. She was much more positive and happy in herself and thus was able to be so with others.
    We were happy to see these positive changes in Angela’s life and encouraged her to continue living authentically, fully and happily.

  • Anson

    76 year old heals tissue around left knee prior to knee replacement. Avoids replacement of second knee!

    We used IMRS therapy to strengthen tissue around the left knee. Following his surgery, Anson continued his IMRS therapy (and his acupuncture sessions) to heal the tissue around the knee replacement. His recovery following surgery was less painful, and faster. He was able to do his physiotherapy with greater ease and range of movement than expected by his surgeon and physiotherapist.

    While Anson was addressing his replaced knee, he also used the IMRS therapy on his right knee and consequently has avoided a second replacement. To this day he continues to enjoy his golfing!

  • I have found amazing relief from constant anxiety after using NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback. I feel like myself again, so much more relaxed. Thank you, Linda!


  • The NeurOptimal® feedback training I received from Linda made a difference in my life that I never thought I’d see. It changed the way I felt physically, and it changed the way I was able to function and enjoy my life.

    For over 20 years, while teaching young children, I suffered with debilitating migraines. Despite my best efforts to work through the pain, I would often have to leave work or a social gathering, take my prescribed medications and remain in bed in a dark, quiet room for hours. The migraines and the medication left me feeling drained and unhealthy.

    I am grateful to Linda for that first conversation about the pain I was experiencing. She helped me to understand the connection between the brain and the overall functioning of the rest of the body. She spoke enthusiastically about the scientific research proving the brain could actually “change itself” and she explained how important this was to making a difference in how we feel, act and think!

    I was curious about the technology that was being used for the feedback and was surprised to see how simple the process was. The NeurOptimal® feedback is shown through a computer and based on what my own brain sees, it decides if and how it needs to change, for the better. Seeing my own brainwaves on the NeurOptimal® feedback computer was so interesting! I was especially drawn to the fact that this technology was natural and non-invasive and that my own brain would be doing all the work!

    I looked forward to my weekly sessions knowing that for 45 minutes, I could relax and enjoy calm, soothing music, while I rested. I noticed a definite change in my focus, concentration and energy within the first few weeks. After 10 sessions my migraines were significantly reduced and my thinking was much clearer. I felt relief knowing I was decreasing the amount of toxic medication that I had been so used to taking, to get relief from the pain. For me, at the end of 15 sessions, I had not had a migraine in over a month! That four-month investment of an hour each week, changed my life.

    My last NeurOptimal® feedback training session was over five years ago. I have not had a migraine in all that time, nor have I had to take any migraine medication. I cannot imagine going back to the way I use to feel. I have and will continue to recommend NeurOptimal® feedback to anyone looking for a solution to improve their overall functioning and personal well being!

    Cherry Muir, May 2018

  • After enduring headaches for years both before and after my brain bleed, I decided to try NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback to see if that would help reduce the number and severity of my headaches. After approximately ten sessions I am pleased to say that my headaches have been almost non- existent since then.


  • I am a mother of 4 beautiful children. My third child and my only girl is named Ava. She is 7 years old and was born with a genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome.

    Alongside her beautiful personality she has health issues, learning difficulties and fine motor issues. We have been going to 3D-Brain since she was 5 years old. The noticeable improvement from the Sensory Integration program and movement therapy has been incredible. Ava has learned how to balance, how her body moves in space and made her brain aware of her surroundings. The trainers at 3D-Brain observed, listened and worked with her, according to her specific needs. Watching these ladies teach the day-to-day skills that most of us take for granted, in a simple and easy way, with incredible results, was a wonderful experience. Ava continues to achieve and thrive. Thank you for caring and believing in her.

    Sherrie Meadows

  • Before Neurofeedback I was an overwhelmed mother of two children (ages 2 and 4) and embarking on a career change. My son had been training with NeurOptimal when I realized that I need it too. After 10 sessions I became more confident and more resilient. My relationships with my kids and husband improved as I became more patient and flexible. With regular sessions, almost a year later, I am still getting the benefits while I continue to grow and challenge myself in ways I never dreamed.


  • Neurofeedback has reduced the severity of some of my Parkinson’s symptoms. It has helped me to relax my affected side, reducing the rigidity. It has also lifted some ‘brain-fog’ and allowed me to relax more fully. I would highly recommend Neurofeedback on a regular basis.


  • Experiencing life challenges left me feeling overwhelmed, fatigued and hopeless. Meeting the trainers at 3D-Brain was my second chance. I started brain training with NeurOptimal® 4 years ago and I have not looked back. I am excited and grateful for each new day to experience, learn and grow personally. With self-confidence I started a new career and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am excited about my life again.

    Proud grandmother

  • Linda taught me a technique called “Mind Mapping”. This allowed me to organize my thoughts, making it easier to understand and recall information when I needed to prepare for tests or review what I had learned. It helped me visualize key concepts along with its related information. Being a visual learner this helped me tremendously and it was fun at the same time. This technique was reflected in my marks.


  • I really enjoyed going to 3D-Brain because it helped me with my reading abilities. I find school much easier and can understand and remember what I have learned.


  • Before visiting 3D-Brain, I found myself struggling with the ability to focus and concentrate on schooling as well as everyday personal activities. Shaking my knees, biting my fingers, not paying attention to simple tasks and university lessons, hindered the way I was performing as a student. All of these issues plus my constant lack of quality sleep affected my day to day function. I was becoming so overwhelmed that I could not organize my way around deadlines, studying, daily responsibilities, etc.

    During the course of roughly 4 months of weekly sessions I was better able to focus on the tasks at hand. My family and my peers around me at university noticed the improvements as well. Not only did my grades improve substantially, but so did my ability to stay relaxed and focused in public settings.

    3D-Brain truly changed my graduating year!! I would not have had as successful a year without their help.

    Anthony, 4th year university student

  • I am noticing some positive effects from my NeurOptimal® session last week… getting my thoughts better organized, I had a pretty good round of golf today!


  • Thank you so much for telling us about your Centre and what you do there. I was absolutely fascinated to hear about your strategies for enhanced learning and your Neurofeedback program for helping the brain to become more efficient. The exercises you gave us were not only fun, but they helped us to really see the connection between the brain and body and how important it is to maintain those connections through movement and mental exercises.

    Probus, Waterloo group

  • Thanks for all of the great techniques you provided to assist Nathan in his learning and everyday life.


  • I just want to express my thanks again for your Centre.  Please keep up the good work.  Matt has continued to grow in many ways. I am so glad that we chose to walk through your doors, rather than through the doors of the medication maze. I will be forever grateful!


  • We use to be told that our son needed to be on drugs for his attention issues.  Now we don’t hear that. He has learned how to manage his need to ‘move’ and with NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback his ability to focus and attend has improved.

    Erika, son in grade 5

  • Personally, I have learned that all individuals learn differently.  I discovered what study techniques work best for me.  I have applied these techniques and the results are now reflected in my marks.

    Marc, Grade 11

  • 3D-Brain has helped my son become more confident in his abilities.  The trainers at the Centre taught our child learning strategies that help in everyday problem-solving and in reading.  3D-Brain has demonstrated that all is attainable.

    Nadia, son in grade 9

  • After my car accident, the 3D-Brain staff was there for me with the MRS bed. (magnetic resonance frequency therapy) which helped me with pain management  resulting from a difficult knee injury.  I now use Neurofeedback to help me deal with my anxiety and stress relating to driving.


  • 3D-Brain Plus have a wonderful way of honoring each child’s uniqueness. Because of them, our son was able to transition to a private school, after 2 years of home schooling, with very few issues.  The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback program that they utilize is, I believe, one of the best available.  My daughter, a university student, uses the NeurOptimal® program to “keep her calm” during mid-term and final exams.

    Karen, MSW, RSW

  • My family came to the Centre because we needed help and support around our son’s autism diagnosis.  He has become more aware of his feelings and his behaviour and has found new understanding of how he can relax and focus.  I see him using the techniques he learned from you every day.

    Melissa, 9 year old son

  • The most fascinating thing about coming to your Centre was watching my son’s progress.  Learning how our bodily “functions” are all connected and how the connections need to be in place before new skills can be learned is very interesting.   Many small feats lead to bigger ones.  It all takes time and practice.

    Wendy, 4 year old son

  • Thank you for restoring our harmony and allowing us to have our beautiful flower garden again.

    Liam’s mom

  • A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another.  If these minds love one another the home will be as beautiful as a flower garden.  But if these minds get out of harmony with one another, it is like a storm that plays havoc with the garden.

    Wise words of Buddha

  • Thank you for all of the great techniques you shared to assist Nathan in his learning and everyday life.

    Nathan adds: “Thanks for all of the help you gave me!”

    Nathan’s mom, 11 years of age

  • At 3D-Brain, I learned so much.  I think it would be great for other kids to try it out. I learned special techniques to help me when I am doing school work.  The ladies at the Centre are wonderful people.  I will use these skills for the rest of my life.

    Owen, 10 years of age